Thanks to our thorough understanding of business sectors and job functions, as well as our expertise in recruitment, we provide true support to our clients and, with them, define the optimal search strategy in line with the job description and scarcity of resources.

Our specialized consultants design customized recruitment solutions and have more than 30 years of experience in major national and international HR firms, as well as in corporate human resources positions.

We are specialized in direct approach recruitment both in France and worldwide. Our expertise covers multiple sectors, mostly industry, and our clients include major multinationals as well as SMEs in aeronautics, agri-food, pharmaceuticals, automotive equipment manufacturers, automobiles and engineering, to name a few.

Executive search, direct approach, head hunting:

Our expertise in this field is based on a proven methodology that allows us to attract specialized managers and executives, most of whom are not actively seeking a career change.

Multi-source advertisement (press/Internet/social media)

A true communication tool, this search method generates a large volume of candidates. We have created a rigorous evaluation process that combines interviews and the use of dedicated tools such as the PAPI3® to identify the skills, motivations and values of candidates, and thereby define a favourable environment in which their performance will be optimal.

In-depth evaluation

We support human resource departments and senior and line management in evaluating their employees.
We help our clients secure their employees’ career paths by capitalizing on their human potential whether the context is one of an internal restructuring, mobility or the recruitment of new employees.


We partner with Cubiks, a specialist in the development of online evaluation tools in 15 languages:
  • The “PAPI” test: an evaluation and dialogue tool that allows for easy identification of strong points and weak points, then provides feedback during a recruitment or career management interview (mobility, training, development, etc.)
  • The “360°” concept: a development tool based on the self-perception of professional behaviour and the perception of a working environment.